Building My App with DWNLD.ME

I wanted to make an App and have all of my content in one place. The problem was I had no idea how to make an App. I asked a few people I knew that had one and they told me it was an expensive and long process, and I should probably just forget about it. I was going to take their advice until I ran across .

DWNLDME builds Apps based on your content, whether it’s a website blog, you tube or vimeo channel, instagram or twitter feed. It’s fast, simple and cheap.

Here’s how it worked for me. I went to the homepage and requested an invite. I entered my contact info and my website url.


Request Invite page.

I got a response saying I was accepted and they were starting to build my App. It said it would take a few days. After a few days I got my App.

The next step was to pick a theme. They have a wide variety of themes and styles to choose from. Once I picked my theme I started to customize my App. You can change type faces, sizes, colors, navigation etc….


Customizable themes and layouts.

It’s a simple process. I also named my App (Matt Janowsky), added my logo and made the App button. They tell you the sizes and restrictions and it is all straight forward.


My Apps icon.

I wanted to add more of my content to my App, things like my you tube and vimeo channels, and my instagram and Twitter feeds. I emailed customer service and provided them the links to each page. They got back to me extremely quickly and had made the changes I requested. The customer service was outstanding.

I also had an issue with how the App was handling my blog sites header picture. Once again I emailed customer service and they fixed the problem very quickly.

When I was satisfied with my App I submitted it. DWNLD me took care of everything. After a week or two I got an email saying “It’s Alive” and my App was ready for download on the Apple App store.


It was a fun day to see it go live.

It was pretty cool to see my App listed and to be able to download it. It loaded fast and worked perfectly. The App automatically updates anytime I put new content on any of my pages or social media feeds, I don’t have to do a thing.

After I told people my App was available at the Apple App store I had a few people ask if there was an Android version. I emailed support to ask and they said they would put me in the Android Beta test program. So now my App is available on Google Play as well.

The cool thing is this service only cost $14.99 ($16 with tax). It’s a monthly fee, with no subscription or time contract. I can stop it at anytime. They have other plans (or are working on other plans) but I stayed with the basics.

Once you have your App you also have a DWNLDME App and login that lets you go in and change your App or customize it as you wish.


It has many customizable options.

It has a live preview that you can test things out with before they actually go live. It’s fun to play around and see the different possibilities. They also have analytics and advertising opportunities available.

A week or so after my App was live I got a few emails explaining how I could get more downloads. They also showed me how to add banner ads on my pages that would prompt people to go to the App store and download my App.

Overall it was a pretty cool experience,and I’m happy with the results. I don’t expect tons of people to download my App, the point is, it’s there incase someone wants to, and it’s a pretty cool option to have. Plus I like seeing the icon on my iPhone.

So if you haven’t already, DOWNLOAD My App now (Apple App Store) (Google Play), and then have DWNLDME make one for you.


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