This site is my experience and my opinions.

I am not paid to review products.

I have been asked to review products from various companies, this does not change my reviews and I do not review every product I am asked to review. I only review products that I like or think are useful. Most of the products I buy on my own and review because I like them.

I will not recommend products I don’t like.

Sometimes I get products to test out and I’ll post footage of the tests. The test shots I post are just that, me testing out the product, they are not endorsements and I’m not paid to do them.¬†Occasionally I get to keep the products, other times I have to send them back.

I have received products in exchange for video work, if I like the product I may or may not do a review or post test footage.

I have many friends in the industry and if I have a connection with a product or service I will let you know. For example Rampant Design Tools and Digital Juice.

I will try and keep this site open but I don’t want negativity, if I decide to block or delete a comment it is my choice and I will do what I feel is best. I would only delete something if it were offensive or abusive and served no purpose.

I pay for this site with my money, it’s not cheap, but I enjoy it and I hope you do too.

Again, what I express on this site are my opinions and experiences and they should be treated as such, yours may differ.

Stay positive.

Have Fun.


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