Hanging Rock Shoot

Here’s some pics from the shoot at Hanging Rock State Park. We had to hike 1.3 miles to the top of the mountain with all of our gear. I had about 40 pounds of gear and it wore me out, I was sore for weeks. We didn’t want to carry too much so we took as little gear as possible, mainly cameras, audio, rig, some reflectors and water. It was a good shoot, our actor had a really strong accent so we had to overdub his audio when we got back to the edit bay (it’s always good to hear your actors first if they have speaking roles, that little nugget was missed in preproduction). Overall it’s a cool place to shoot, great views, the trails are good and it’s relatively quiet on top, not too much foot traffic or hikers. I’ve also shot at the waterfalls there, they are small but still pretty cool. Enjoy.


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