HSN NY Shoots

I had 4 shoots with HSN, 2 in NYC, one in my studio, plus the actual trip to HSN Studios in St. Petersburg FL (Check out the Behind the Scenes galleries for pictures from that shoot). The first shoot was a photo shoot with photographer Troy Ward in NYC. He was shooting pictures for the upcoming product launch. I shot video of that shoot to use for B-roll for the promo. One of my favorite things to shoot is behind the scenes video of events, wether it’s concerts, photo shoots, film shoots, whatever, I’ll shoot it and have fun doing it.
The second shoot was an interview in NYC for the promo, I also shot more B-roll. Got some of my favorite clips there, and it was totally off the cuff. Sometimes you get the best stuff when it is spontaneous.
The final shoot was back in the studio in NC, shooting closeup shots of the jewelry. I have a totally new set up for jewelry now, I wish I had it back then, but I made do with what I had and I made it work. I really enjoyed working with HSN, good people, impressive studio and lots of fun. Hope to do more in the future. Here’s some pics of all 3 shoots.

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