Here’s another blast from the past. 2007’s Billy’s Blueprints: The Wheel Deal, DIY Dolly. This was another one I did for Digital Juice’s DJTV. I remember Perry was going to shoot it and Chuck had me burning DVD’s of season 1 of DJTV, I really thought the show needed two cameras so I told Chuck the videos were rendering and I grabbed a camera and went over to the warehouse where Perry was shooting. When I got there Perry was still setting up and figuring things out, we went to lunch at a Mexican place called El Taxco (it was pure deliciousness) and talked about ideas for the show. After lunch we went back and shot it. Billy is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, he’s also smart as can be, and can build anything. We weren’t sure how he would do on camera, but he turned out great. It was a cool show to shoot and edit but unfortunately ¬†we only made one episode. I thought it would be nice to start off the DIY section of my site with the master of DIY, the one an only Billy Allen. So as Perry says “Grab a hammer and a pencil, Billy’s going to show you how to build”.

PS The quality’s not that great, only had a web version from 2007.

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