Help me pick my new logo animation. Watch the clips and vote for your favorite in the comments. Thanks


  1. Marc Percy

    #3 barely beats out #2.

    • Matt

      Thanks for voting

  2. Rusty Wolfe

    i like number 1… BUT i think your .com needs to migrate underneath the SKY of your name when it finally resolves. it seems a little disconnected under the icon considering it’s

    • Matt

      Good point, I’ll test it. Thanks for voting

  3. mike


    • Matt

      Thanks Mike

  4. Keith

    It’s a tough one, but I think I like #2 the best. I agree with Rutsy. I think .com needs to migrate, or it looks like your website is What you might be able to do on #2 is after you move the logo to the right side of the screen, you could just leave the .com and pull logo to the right as MATT JANOWSKY spills onto the screen. That way when it’s finished it has your true website name. Keep up the great work, I love watching your stuff.

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