Here’s a touching story of a young boys journey to the Big City, filled with fast cars and fast women. There’s also a quick tutorial on creating a streaky car time-lapse. Shot in Times Square. Video shot with my iPhone 3Gs and time-lapse shot with Canon 7D, Canon TC-80N3 Timer Remote Controller, Canon 17-55mm, Canon 100mm and Tokina 11-16. My wife even makes a cameo.


  1. Debra Anderson

    Love this video. It is amazing what you do!!!!!
    I enjoyed seeing Amy too….
    Love you all and miss you too..
    previous neighbor…
    ps can the kids make cameo appearances soon?

    • Matt

      Thanks Debbie, we miss you too. We have to get back to Wilmington for a vacation soon. I have a few videos with the kids planned. Stay tuned 🙂

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