Releases Made Easy with Release Me

One of the biggest pains I face on shoots is getting releases printed and then getting people to sign them. On larger shoots keeping track of who signed and who didn’t becomes even harder. In general, releases tend to be a pain in the butt.
Last week I was on a shoot in Miami and I realized I forgot to print out my releases. There was no printer available at the location and without the releases I wouldn’t be able to use any of the footage. After a quick search on the net I found a cool app called “Release Me” and it saved the day.
“Release Me” is a Model Release app for the iPhone/iPad. It comes with a standard model release form, and it also lets you bring in your own custom release. Models even have the option to strike or add things to the release as well.

It’s a very easy to use app. You start by adding your name or your company name, then you add a project.

Once you add a project and select it you can begin to add models. A screen comes up with general info including name, address, phone number, email.  I like this better than printed releases because you don’t have to worry about trying to read peoples bad handwriting.

After you get the info typed in you can click on the photo icon to take a picture of the model for reference. The app connects with the iPhone or iPads camera. It allows you to move and scale the picture, and use or retake it.
Once you get the picture you select “model signature”. A screen comes up telling them once they sign they can not edit the release. The release then comes up and they can read it or scroll to the bottom to hit “accept”.
Once they hit “accept” a signature screen comes up and they can sign with their finger. This was the hardest part of the app. I was using it on my iPhone and it was hard for the people to get a good signature. The iPad version is probably easier because of the larger size.

Once they sign they have to hit accept again, then you hit “Done” and the model is added to the project. You can create PDF’s of the releases or even email them right on the spot, which is great if your model wants a copy.
Releases have always been a pain, but this app made it kind of fun. The models all thought it was cool, and it was much easier to get them to sign, and it made it really easy to keep track of everyone. I loved the fact that I had a photo reference, without having to use the old fashioned instant polaroids. I also loved that I didn’t have a stack of releases I had to carry around, everything was on my iPhone and could be emailed or printed from there as needed.
The only thing I noticed was that it wouldn’t allow me to enter more than 16 models per project. So I just created a second project when needed.
Release Me is available at the app store for $8.99. It’s an expensive app but well worth it for me, and I would recommend it to anyone in need of Model Releases. I would check with your legal department first, before using it.


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