Steal Like An Artist Book Review

I picked up Austin Kleon’s book “Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative” for a quick read on my flight to Miami. It’s a short easy to read book filled with one to two page tips on being creative.


Quick read, perfect for a flight.

There were a few themes in the book that I agree with and have used myself. Some of the headings/chapters include. ‘Don’t wait until you know who you are to get started”, I used this philosophy for my web site. I’m still trying to figure out what it is, but the point is I started, and it is evolving, so that’s a good thong.

Another one is “Side projects and hobbies are important”. This one I’m learning now, since my hobby and what I love (making videos) is what I do for a living, sometimes I end up just doing videos for my work, and never doing videos that I want to make. The 52 Week Challenge I started is one way I hope to get some more “side projects” in. They help inspire me, get me motivated, and get my creative juices flowing. I think doing side projects actually makes my real work better, and hopefully it will help me get more of the work I want to do.

Another big one is “Do good work and share it with people”. For me I never used to share my work, I was never satisfied with it (I’m still not), but I’ve learned to start sharing it anyway. My web site has lot’s of my work on it, some good, some bad, some quick. Hopefully by sharing it, and talking about it, I’ll learn a little more and continue to grow. And if someone out there learns something or likes something that’s an added bonus.

A few other chapters I pulled stuff from are  “Be Nice” and “Creativity is subtraction”. There are a few things you can pick up in each of the chapters. But the main point of the book, or the point I took away was, to observe other peoples work, take from it, study it, share it, learn from it, improve upon it, make it your own etc……


This picture pretty much sums up the book and shows you how to “Steal” the right way.

I’ve always said that everything I see whether it’s a movie, tv show, commercial, print ad, billboard, painting, sculpture or whatever, I study and learn from. I keep a note of things I like, and sometimes I pull from them when I start new projects. This book reinforced a lot of those feelings I had and added some new ones.

Overall, it’s a quick, easy read. It’s great for a two hour flight. It’s one of those books you can leave on your coffee table and then pick it up every once in awhile and read a section or two, but more importantly it has a few things in it you can steal from.

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