The $100 STARTUP Review

So why am I reviewing a book about starting a business on a video production web site? Well there are a few reasons. One, maybe you want to start your own video production business, photography business or even make your own independent film. Two, the book helped me and the point of my site is to share my experiences and the things that have helped me. Three, the book is about reinventing the way you make a living by doing what you love, and that can certainly be applied to people who love making videos.


One of the benefits of flying, plenty of time to read and sleep.

The “$100 STARTUP” by Chris Guillebeau is a collection of strategies, exercises and personal examples of people that have created a new future for themselves by doing what they love and reinventing how they make a living. It’s not your typical business building book that tells you to create a complicated business plan, this book has a simple one page business plan. It doesn’t tell you to acquire proper funding before starting, it tells you to just get started even if you have less than $100.

There are various exercises and strategies throughout the book, but the main emphasis is on the personal stories of people that have took action and started doing what they love. From consultants, graphic designers, map makers to artists, these people have all made a change in their life. They’ve changed how they make a living and more importantly they do what they love.

For me, that’s what I was looking for. I wanted more than what I was doing, I wanted more fulfillment, I wanted to start working for myself instead of working for someone else, basically I wanted to do what I love. But I have a family (a beautiful wife and three awesome kids), I have responsibilities, bills to pay, mouths to feed etc…. I didn’t have the time or money to start up something on my own. I used that as an excuse and I let it hold me back. I remember hearing someone say “Don’t use your kids as an excuse, use them as a reason”. That statement really hit home with me. I wanted to show my kids that you can do what you want in life, you can do what you love, you just have to work for it, I wanted to be an example.

But how do I do it? For years I talked about making a website, starting my own company and making independent documentaries and commercials. But I didn’t know where to start, I was afraid to to start and I made excuse after excuse not to start. That is where this book helped me. It pushed me to START, it said it was OK to start, it said don’t listen to the excuses, just do it. And I did.

I didn’t know how to make a web site, but I went ahead and did it, I asked a few friends for help and I learned along the way. I didn’t have a fancy business plan or funding. I had just enough to pay for the server and hosting and I did it. I didn’t have content prepared in advance, I’m making it as I go. My site’s only a few months old, but I feel better about finally making it. I feel happier and I see a way to create a new future for myself and my family. I owe part of that to this book for pushing me to “Just do it”. So thanks to Chris Gullebeau and the many examples of people in his book that are doing what they love and reinventing the way they make a living. I appreciate the push.

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