The Ultimate Guide To Making Films, Review for Kids

My kids have an interest in what I do, which is nice for me. I have been teaching them, and showing them little things for the last few years. I try to let them experiment and find things they like, and I try to get them to find their own style. I just go over the basics, and give them some general pointers. Whether it’s showing them how to shoot a basketball game.


Natalie running the camera at Sasha’s Basketball game.

Or letting them take pictures with my camera.


Jackson taking pictures with my camera on vacation.

Buying them their own camera (Check out my blog on An Old Fashioned Christmas Gift), or even letting them be in one of my commercials.


Sasha playing a child mechanic in one of my videos.

It’s fun for me to see them take an interest in taking pictures and making movies. But sometimes they want to learn things from someone else besides Dad.

One day our babysitter made a movie with my girls, and they loved it. They really got into playing the characters and making a story. They also liked running the camera. My daughter was asking a lot of questions about it, so when I saw the book “Movie Maker: The Ultimate Guide to Making Films” by Tim Grabham, I thought it would be a great gift for my daughter.


Movie Maker : The Ultimate Guide to Making Films

It comes with a Director’s Handbook in a working film slate box, and it has 4 basic sections. Making Movies, Fiction, Documentary and Animation. Each section gives kid friendly descriptions about each aspect of of that genre. It takes the kids through Pre-Production and Post Production, and it talks about things like lighting, composition, and special effects.


Kid friendly explanations about the aspects of film production.

The book also comes with a CD of Sound Effects to use in your movies and a series of pop out costume props. They are a little cheesy, but my daughter had fun with them.

Overall it’s a great overview of the art of making movies, designed for kids to easily read and understand (ages 8 and up). It shows them a wide variety of different jobs and the things needed to make movies. It also gives them a basic understanding of film concepts.

I recently had a producer of a few Network shows over at my house and he saw the book. After looking through it he said “I wish I could give this to some of my people”.

So if your kids are showing an interest in making movies, pick up this book and let them start creating.

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