Week 47: Illusions

The weather has been getting cold and wet lately, so I haven’t been as excited to go out and shoot. The last few weeks I’ve done stuff in the studio. This week it was really cold, and I didn’t even want to go to the studio, so I tried to think of something I could do from home.


Dining Room Table edit station.

I was watching something with the kids and they had an optical illusion on it, and that started my mind thinking about doing something with illusions.

It was Sunday and I had to get the video done so I decided to do a few simple illusions that I could create easily.

I’ve always liked optical illusions, so it was fun doing research on them. I also got the kids involved, they really liked them as well. It was cool to find out some of the stories behind the illusions. For example, the parallel lines illusion was discovered by a guy in NYC while he was sitting in a cafe looking at the off centered tiles on the wall.

Basically, as I searched the internet, I tried to find illusions with simple shapes that I could recreate quickly.

Once I had a few selected, I broke them down to see how they worked. Then I recreated all of the elements in Adobe Photoshop.


Recreating the illusions in Photoshop.

I not only wanted to show the illusions, I also wanted to show the breakdown of them. So recreating them in various layers was important.

I like seeing how things are done, behind the scenes, if you will. I find that just as fascinating, if not more, than the actual illusions. I know some people don’t like to share their secrets. Not me, I like to share, and I like to see what others share. I think it makes everyone better.

Once I had all the illusions broken down into layers I took them into Premiere and started editing. The photoshop work took an hour or two and the final editing took about 20 minutes. There’s not a lot to it. It was an easy week. I needed one after the Holidays, I was getting burnt out.

I got the song from bensound.com. It was called Enigmatic, which means difficult to interpret or understand. It’s funny how things work out like that. I wanted something with a magical sound, but nothing over the top. I wanted it simple to match the simpleness of the video and animations.


Bensound.com one of my go to’s for music on this challenge.

The font was Harrington. I liked the whimsical feel of it. As far as the graphics/titles go. I wanted to keep them simple as well. Black and white, to play off the black and white elements of the various illusions.

That’s really it. There wasn’t much to this week’s video. It was good to do some animation, even if it was just basic shapes and simple movements. I haven’t really done any of that for the challenge.

You can watch Week 47’s Illusions here.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Matt. You say it was easy – looks pretty time intensive to me. Great job!

  2. Matt

    Thanks Bob, the parallel lines one took awhile. It wasn’t hard, it’s just basic shapes. but it was tedious. The whole thing took about 3 1/2 hours, plus an hour of looking at illusions on the net.

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