Week 51: Wynwood Walls

For Week 51 I was back in Miami at American Airlines Arena to film a conference. We played the Fat Joe video I made the week before in front of 20,000 people, they loved it. It’s always cool to see your video’s played in front of a big audience. Here are some behind the scenes pictures of a few of the production areas for the conference.


Ashley Events produced the event, Quince Imaging did the video for the show.


More backstage.


My area, I did the opening video, shot slow motion clips with the Sony FS 700, and made time-lapse among 100 other things.


I used the GoPro4 for a time-lapse of the crowd entering.

One of the coolest things that week was the Inspire 1 Drone. Cole Keys (Alicia Key’s brother) came down and worked with us and flew the drone inside and out of the arena.


Inspire 1 Drone.


The coolest shots were of the crowd entering the building from above.

We got some cool footage from it. There’s a lot of issues we had to get through, insurance, safety checks, frequency issues, radar issues from the ships in the port by the arena etc…. But in the end it all worked out.


Me and the Drone, I can’t wait to do more with it.

The least coolest thing I saw that week was Charlie’s Pink Bell that he got on his drink.


Charlie with his Pink Bell Drink, Chuck in the background.

Charlie and Chuck are two freelancers I work with, great guys and they do great work.

Now back to Week 51’s video. I had a few hours one day and we decided to walk over to Wynwood Walls and check out the street and graffiti artists work. Wynwood is a warehouse district in Miami, where artists use the white warehouse walls as canvases. It’s a very cool area, good restaurants and great art. There is a small park you can walk through with various artists works in it. Here are a few of my favorites. I didn’t put these in the video because the park had a sign about getting permission for the photos. All the art highlighted in the video were from the streets.


Drippy Tiger.


This was actually chiseled into the wall, probably my favorite.


The detail and extra images in the coat are really cool, you don’t notice them until you get up close.

I shot them all handheld with my Canon 7D and the Canon 17-55mm. I shot them at 60 FPS, and I had to stabilize some of them in post.


I love handheld.

I did the main edit in Adobe Premiere. Once I had the final cut done, I replaced each clip with an After Effects Comp. Then I put the glitch effects on the clips in AE. The dynamic linking between the Adobe Products is a nice feature.

I liked the glitch effects, and felt they kind of added something to the piece. There’s a bit of an “anarchy” feel to them, the same feeling I get with graffiti.

I used Digital Juice’s AE Glitch Presets. You can download them and put them in your AE preets folder, then apply them to your videos. The cool thing is they are all key framed, so you can adjust them as you like, or take out things you don’t like. I adjusted them to fit the music, I also placed them at the beginning or end of each clip so they acted as transitions. I also took singular parts of them and added them to various parts of the video. There are a lot of possibilities with them.

I wanted to do some sort of graffiti title for the video, so I found a font from dafont.com called Amsterdam Graffiti.


Free for non commercial use.

I wrote the title in After Effects, and then animated it on. There is a good tutorial on how to do it by Andrew Kramer on videocopilot.net.

Basically you write your text. Then take the pen tool and create a mask over the text.


Step 1.

You then add a stroke to the mask (just big enough that it fills the text).


Step 2.

Then select “Reveal Original”, at the beginning set the “End Point” to zero, then move ahead a few seconds and make it 100%. The result makes it look like the text is being written on screen.

51 Reveal

Step 3.

To make it a little more interesting I added a textured wall background from Digital Juice. I also made all the layers 3D. I then added a camera, and did a simple move on the title.

Once I had the Glitch effects added to my clips, I went back to Premiere and did some color grading with the Magic Bullet Look Suite. I added the Lift Gama-Gain, Telcine Net and Auto Shoulder filters.

The music was the hardest part. I had a really hard time finding what I wanted. I was looking for a trip hop type of feel. After a few hours of searching I couldn’t find what I wanted, so I picked the closest thing I heard. It was from the free music archive. The song is by Tab & Antik and it’s called “Patient Zero”. It has a CC license. It had some lyrics in it, which I normally don’t like to use, but they fit the piece so I went with it.


“Patient Zero” used with a Creative Commons License.

We walked around Wynwood for an hour or so, and I shot things randomly as I saw things I liked. The edit on this one took awhile, probably 5 or 6 hours, and finding music was another hour or so. We actually lost power at my house, but I was able to edit with the battery power on the laptop, one advantage to working on laptops.


Editing in the dark with no power.

That’s about it. If you’re ever in Miami check out Wynwood Walls, it’s very inspiring. If not just watch Week 51’s video here.

If you do go, there is a little restaurant right near the park area called “Joeys”. It has Amazing deserts. We had two of the tarts with gelato and Cappuccino.


Fig and Berry Tart from Joeys……UNREAL.

They were both awesome. The pizza looked phenominal but we had already eaten. I’ll check it out next time I’m in Miami.

Special thanks to my friend Mike for going with me (dealing with me taking video), and taking some of the behind the scenes pics.


Charlie, Mike, Chuck and some guy drinking from his ear.

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