Zacuto Marauder Review (DSLR Rig)

I travel a lot, and I do a lot of run and gun shooting, so having lightweight, portable equipment is important to me. Many times if I can’t fit the equipment in my bag or carry it myself I end up having to leave it behind. This has always been an issue for me with rigs in particular. They tend to be too big, too heavy or just not portable enough. So, I’ve often had to work without them. That is, until now.

I recently got the chance to test out the Marauder from Zacuto. The Marauder is part of Zacuto’s Foldable Gorilla Rig line kits for DSLRs. It’s perfect for run and gun shooters because it’s lightweight, folds up quickly and can easily fit into your camera bag for travel.

The Marauder is very sturdy with three points of contact. I added the Zacuto Z-Finder Pro for a fourth point of contact. Another nice thing is that the Marauder is adjustable. The handgrip is on a ball joint and allows you to adjust to whatever feels best for you.

If you’re like me and travel a lot or do a lot of run and gun shooting, the Marauder may be the perfect rig for you. Watch my video review here for more in depth information. If you’re considering buying one, please click on my Zacuto banner at the top of the page and purchase it from there, I’ll get a small percentage of the sales and it will help to keep this site up and running.

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